August 16th 2021 – Muroc’s first day of the first school year since COVID-19

California Professional Management is on schedule and on budget for Muroc Unified School District. First day of the first full school year since covid is set for August 16th 2021.

The Desert News was on hand for a recent update on the Boron Jr.-Sr. High School sites.

Excitement is building for the students to return to campus August 16th, 2021. When Muroc students and staff move into their new building this August, for the first time, the new buildings will be filled with excited students who get to see their new classrooms, meet their teachers and check out new features such as the library, new auditorium, new football field stadium, new tennis courts, new kitchens and outdoor toys.

“It means a lot that CPM built this,” Kevin said to Andrew Galbraith (CPM VP, General Superintendent, Principal) Tuesday during a meeting. “CPM did a wonderful job, and we’re very grateful to them. This will help keep our little town up and running.”

The school has 308 regular classrooms and also has a room for a prekindergarten program — more than enough space to house about 300 students.

“And there’s room to grow,” said Andrew Galbraith (CPM VP, General Superintendent, Principal) “The rooms are now bigger than before, and they feature an alternative classroom design, so there’s a lot of room to learn.”

Students and parents got their first look at the newly constructed High School during Boron High School 2021 Graduation.

“The building is loaded with features designed specifically for children,” Andrew Galbraith said.

“We wanted this to be a place where kids would want to be,” Andrew Galbraith said. “It was designed with student learning in mind.”

“The students are excited about their new schools,” Kevin said. “But even better, we can call this ours.”