Air quality in school buildings: Our experts weigh in with a safe standard that many school districts aren’t achieving

In March of 2020, the world was hit with a pandemic of historical proportions. Most hunkered down not knowing what would be next, this is when CPM took action. When the pandemic hit Mike Woods (Senior Project Manager and Principal) asked himself, “how can we help our clients get through these unprecedented times?”  With diligence and fortitude Mike Woods continued searching until he formed a coalition with Franklin Mechanical. Together, with testing and air sampling, they found that by installing “needlepoint de-ionization units” they could radically reduce the free-floating impurities in the air.

Currently, Mike Woods, Franklin Mechanical, CPM, and FMS have installed these units throughout all Muroc School District, (6 schools, 1 district office, and roughly 308 units) and is slated the install in Apple Valley USD and Victor ESD. CPM has also assisted with additional COVID prevention related protocols, such as sneeze guards, circulation plans, and implementation.

For Information on hiring CPM to assist with implementing required COVID protocols in your District please contact Mike Woods: